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Sapulpa Criminal Defense Attorney

For over 20 years, Carla Stinnett has been providing Oklahomans with the best representation against criminal charges. You need an experienced criminal attorney when your freedom is at stake. Carla Stinnett has been winning cases all over the State and in Federal Court.

Winning Verdicts

Practicing in Federal, State, and Municipal courts, Stinnett Law in Sapulpa, Oklahoma practices state wide for all of your needs in criminal defense. It doesn’t matter if the investigation is ongoing or if you have been charged yet. Stinnett Law will aggressively fight for you.

Integrity And Ethics

With decades of experience, Carla brings award winning approaches and strategies to the court room. Using every option available to protect you without giving up the fight. Let Carla Stinnett fight for you to get the plea bargain or trial outcome you are looking for. 

The Best Criminal Lawyer

Serious charges require a serious defense. Carla Stinnett will listen to your side of the story and isn’t afraid to take your case as far as it needs to go. Because every case is different, you will get the personal attention and care that is needed for your representation.


Aggressive Trial Lawyer

Defending the accused in trial is the essence of Stinnett Law. Each case comes as a calling and is treated with passion. Defending the accused is not just a job at the Stinnett Law Office.

Devoted To You

Not everyone gets to say that they love what they do. However, The Stinnett Law Office is excited to get to work everyday. Because every case is different, every day is different. That outlook is what gives you the best criminal defense in Oklahoma. 

Working Hard

When charges have been brought against you, it can have a lasting effect on your freedom, family, income, and so much more. Carla Stinnett will do everything to get you the best possible outcome for your case. Call now for a consultation. 

Only Providing Defense

Because Stinnett Law only focuses on criminal defense, you know that you are getting a results driven representation. No matter how big or small the case is, Stinnett Law is focused on the best strategies to represent all Oklahomans. 

No Matter The Crime

Stinnet Law provides outstanding criminal defense for all crimes. Drug crimes, sex crimes, theft, violent crimes and more are all covered. We are fearless in our representation of you. Let Stinnett Law Office be your shield in court. 


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Highest level of professionalism and quality. I would recommend Carla to anyone. She works hard for her clients.


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