Tribal Court Process

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In July of 2020 the United States Supreme Court decided in the case McGirt Vs. State Of Oklahoma, that reservations within the State Of Oklahoma were never disestablished. This gave tribes more authority over their own justice systems and empowerment over laws that involve tribal members when that crime happens on reservation land.

Being Retried

Some cases that have been tried and completed through the State, have then been dismissed and retried through tribal courts. Even if a case has been completed, it may still be tried again under the jusrisdiction of the tribal government. 

How It Works

Tribal law allows the Native American tribes to pursue their own cases while still having a relationship with State and Federal governments. Having a tribal criminal defense attorney that knows the codes and statutes is important to your success.

Tribal Jurisdiction

Oklahoma tribal courts maintain jurisdiction over Native Americans on tribal land, but do not override federal authority. This means they have sovereignty to govern themselves. If you are charged in tribal court, you will need a a tribal defense lawyer.

Legal Defense

Case numbers are increasing in tribal courts. As changes to these laws are being made, you need an attorney who is experienced in tribal and federal law. Carla Stinnett can help you if you are under investgation in tribal courts. Call Stinnett Law now. 


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