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Carla Stinnett is a serious criminal defense lawyer who understands complicated facts and defenses. Her experience includes all criminal charges, such as drug and drinking cases, sex-based cases and any violent crimes. She can skillfully handle your criminal defense representation, whether you need a plea or a trial.

Federal Criminal Defense

Carla Stinnett is on the Federal Criminal Justice Administration Panel and works closely with the Federal Public Defenders Office.  She also takes cases in Federal Court from the Private Sector. There is no case too large for her to handle. 

State Criminal Defense

Our main jurisdiction is Creek County but can handle out of County cases on a case by case basis. Practicing Statewide in all counties and courts, Stinnett Law can represent you anywhere you are facing charges in the State Of Oklahoma. 

Tribal Criminal Defense

Carla Stinnett is the Chief Public Defender for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and also handles privately retained tribal cases.  She recently completed an LLM in Indigenous Law and stays on top of all changes in the Mcgirt Ruling. 

Defending You

With knowledge and experience in all areas of criminal defense, it is easy to see why Carla Stinnett is so highly sought after in these cases. You will not find anyone so focused and dedicated to their work than Carla Stinnett. Call 918-227-1177 now.


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