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Charges for federal crimes are brought by the Attorney General or the U.S. Attorney. Because this happens with a federal indictment, there is not a preliminary hearing. Only in some cases is a preliminary hearing granted.

Federal Court Proceedings

When a defendant is arrested on the suspcion of a crime prior to their indictment, they may be granted a preliminary hearing. This hearing is held so that a determination can be made about whether or not there is aenough evidence for a grand jury to hear the case. If bail has not been granted at this point, the defendant may be held in detention. 

In federal court, juries do not recommend or determine what the sentence will be, that is solely up to the judge. The judge may follow guidelines set forth by the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. While these guidelines are usually followed, it is not mandatory and a different sentence may be ordered. Due to the speedy trial act, these cases genuinely finish in about 6 months. 

If you are going through a case in federal court against the Attorney General’s office, you are going to need an experienced federal defense attorney. Carla Stinnet has the experience to win in federal court. Contact our office now to get the representation you need. 


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